Guided Readings

Unique Written Readings for Powerful Life Illumination

Working with spirit guides and angels, I channel wisdom from deep within you, illuminating your life, your nature and your path ahead. These written readings assist you in creating a new reality for your life.

There are FOUR different readings on offer:


Insight and spiritual guidance for moving through your current challenges

Understanding the deeper issues at work within your life

How to release what is holding you back and access new energy

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Accessing the rich landscape that is unique to your Inner Hero’s journey

Revealing your archetypal characters that wish to express themselves within your life now

Seeing and relating to yourself in a dynamic new way

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Revealing the Key Healing needed across all levels of the BEING

Powerful Tranformative Light focused on you remotely whilst channelling from the angels

Angelic Guidance for your life path

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Provides a unique and powerful connection to the Source of YOU – the soul within your life

Illumination of the key energy blocks and challenges your soul is facing

Learn how to connect more to the greatest depths of your inner nature

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Readings are emailed as a PDF file, unless a printed and posted copy is specifically requested.

I will also need your birth details (date, place and time if possible), as I make the initial connection with you via your astrological chart. Please Contact Me when you have ordered, or if you are unsure which would be the best reading for you.

Cost includes posting the reading, if needed. For Combination orders, essence blends to be sent outside the UK incur postage. See  Order Information for more details.