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Channelled Words and Essences for Powerful Life Transformations

Using the Guided Essences

Each Guided Essence comes in a 30ml bottle, and is known as a ‘stock’ essence, i.e. it has been made up with drops of the mother tincture. It consists of 50% spring water and 50% organic brandy. A typical dosage is 1-2 drops once or twice a day. But as this is a stock bottle, you can make it last by making up a separate bottle for your daily dosage if you wish.

The Elemental Power of Stars

Our Sun is a star, and all other stars out there are suns in their own local environment. They fuse together the elements deep within their cores and create physical power, blasting their light and heat out in all directions, creating the conditions needed for life to form. They are the primal element of Fire at its strongest, a process that takes enormous mass and converts it into long-lasting energy.

The Amazing Power of Water

Through my work with essences I have come to understand the amazing power of water. However, I don’t mean its power to shape the landscape or its ability to sustain life. Instead, I speak of its quiet, hidden nature. Water touches us, water flows over us; it encircles the earth in never-ending currents. And as it does so it gently communicates all it knows.

About Me

Helen F Ward. BSc Hons, Dip. V. MED, Dip. FAS. I am an Advanced Essence Practitioner and essences producer, and also a Channelling Medium and Inspirational writer. I work with spirit guides to help bring transformation and illumination for my clients. Find out more above!