About the Essences

Here you will find thirty-four individual essence products spread across five different sets, covering all aspects of personal evolution and revelation. In this section let me teach you about essences and, via my connection to Spirit, help you find exactly what you need!

My role in life is to guide you towards finding your inner light, and your inner sense of purpose, and to relieve you of the confusion and distress which is so much a part of everyone’s lives. The right essences can provide this for you; they are the hidden gems of the holistic healing world, able to assist you in ANY change you wish to bring into your life.

But with so many essences to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for you? Many people use their intuition, following the images and names and descriptions until the right one jumps out at them. Some use dowsing or other means. But if you would like some assistance, please contact me, and, working with my very able spirit guides, I will help you find what is most appropriate for you right now.

An essence is the pure distillation of the living spirit held within a form.

Whether flower or star, animal, planet or elemental being, everything in nature has its unique spirit, its individual purpose for existence, and each gladly gives its gifts to those who need it. By connecting intimately with the this living spirit, or consciousness, essence makers like myself act as a channel for it to take new form on Earth. We make it possible for it to merge with pure spring water, which we then call an ‘essence’, and thus it is then available as a healing tool anyone can access and benefit from. Water is the earth’s medium of connection  and communication. When taking an essence, the water in your body learns of the nature of the essence and responds to the consciousness held there. You are then in the hands of an inner healing process requested by your own inner spirit.

What else is there to learn about essences?

What is in an essence?

All the Guided Essences are 30 ml bottles containing half spring water infused with the subtle healing energy, and half organic brandy. For people who are sensitive to brandy, the drops can be strongly diluted by adding to water, or a dosage bottle can be made by by adding a couple of drops of the essence to spring water with vegetable glycerin to preserve it. Please contact me for details.

How do you take essences?

Essences are taken by mouth, a couple of drops once or twice a day – again, the dosage can be found by dowsing if you can do this, or, if you feel confident enough, just trust your intuition! If it is difficult to remember to take a second dose, then two drops once a day is a good dosage to use. The time of day does not matter; the main thing is to get into a routine so that you can take them every day. The essence can be taken straight from the bottle, but if you wish to make it last, either for personal use or because you are a therapist using it on clients, then another (dosage) bottle can be made up, using several drops from this stock bottle, and again, adding to spring water and an alcohol of choice – generally vodka or brandy. Instructions for this are included on the labels of the bottles, but a typical spring water to alcohol ratio is 4:1. If you do not like the taste of the alcohol used to preserve the essence, then add the drops to water.

Can anyone take essences?

Yes, essences are gentle energies that are suitable for both young and old, even babies and pregnant mothers. Many essences are excellent trauma-relievers, and so are highly useful postnatally, as well as for any other sort of life stress.

Is there any way of taking them other than orally?

Some people who are particularly sensitive to subtle energies like to just apply them on their bodies – such as hands, wrists or chakra points. They can also be put in a spray bottle and used on the aura.

Do I do anything other than just take them?

Essences can be fitted into the daily routine very easily. However, they can also be used in a more meditative, intimate way. They are subtle energies, guided by the hand of the spirit beings and natural forces behind them, and are very willing to work with you. So, if this is possible for you, take the drops at a time when you can sit quietly, just for a few moments, or incorporate the essences into your meditation time, if you have one. These energies will speak to you if you listen. Take them and then look intently at your bodily sensations, your feelings and your mind. What subtle things happen? What thoughts or images do you have, what memories come up to remind you of things that need to be addressed?

Will essences interfere with any medication I might be on?

No, essences are pure energy and have no physical content to interfere with medicine, herbs or anything else you may take. However, they take longer to work when you are on strong medication such as anti-depressants, steroids and so on, as there are more internal barriers to the changes to the emotions, mind and energy patterns that essences work to bring.

Could there be side-effects?

In the obvious physical sense no, because you are not taking ‘physical’ energies such as drugs or herbs. However, healing often involves issues coming to the surface to be cleared, so it is possible that you might have emotions arising that have never been dealt with, or have thoughts, again, that you would rather not think. However, it is always important that this cleansing or acknowledgement happens, and as the essence continues to work, negative leftovers from the past can be cleared, though new positive approaches being found, and a natural release occurring. The power of essences is that they allow healing to happen in the easiest way possible and one that is suitable for you, so that the changes they bring about can be handled at the right pace.

How long do essences take to work?

Essences start working straight away, however, some will take longer to be noticed than others. Essences to reduce general stress will begin to be felt within days; however, essences needed to shift issues that have been present since childhood will inevitably take longer, maybe taking a few weeks for the awareness of the transformation to begin. However, when an essence that is needed is taken in this way, its positive healing pattern gets superimposed on the existing pattern – whether a pattern of thought, emotion or so on. Over the period of time, your being begins to resonate with this new pattern, and you will be amazed at how different you can feel!

How long do I take them for?

For a typical dosage of one or two drops once or twice a day, a 30ml bottle will last up to three months. However, essences tend to let you know intuitively when they have done what they set out to do, and you naturally stop taking them. However, whilst you are taking them, it is important to take them every day so that they can bring about the required changes. If you have any more questions regarding the practical side of taking your essences, please contact me.

How many essences can I take at once?

There’s no actual limiting number – you take what you need at the time, which can be ascertained by dowsing or inner guidance. Essence practitioners make up bottles of essence mixes for clients which can have any number from one to ten or more essences in, depending on the client’s requirements. However, a large number of these Guided Essences are very much aimed at significant transformations within, so it is unlikely that you will need very many of them at one time. If you wish to take multiple essences but are unsure and would like advice, then please free to contact me for guidance.!

Are there any other benefits to taking essences?

Apart from the obvious healing or transformational benefits of an essence, another positive outcome is an increase in intuition and self-awareness, which naturally arises when you choose to open up to the subtle energies of the essences and the angels and spirit guides that work with you when you take them.