Words of Power

Words from Your Depths to Bring About Profound Change

We have all heard of the power of affirmations, and often use personal ‘mantras’ to draw to us what we wish for in life. But these statements can be very general, and not necessarily the most apt for us.

Instead, we can use the unique, profound words provided by the deepest part of our nature, that aspect of Self that knows what we are trying to achieve at this moment and wishes to make itself known. What does your True Self wish to say?

These WORDS OF POWER are given to me when I make a deep connection with you. They are powerful because they open doors within you you did not know were closed; they reveal what has been hidden; they provoke you to change in ways you did not know were possible. Reciting these words out loud several times a day will build up a strong connection to Who You Are, and Who You Are Becoming. The effect can be deepened, and also speeded up, by the use of a star vibration chosen specifically for your needs.

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To make the connection with you that I need, I use your astrological chart as a starting point and then follow a path in your mind to that deep place within you that chooses to speak directly to you, and directly to all parts of you in shadow. So I will need your birth date, place and ideally time (if you know it or can get it). Please contact me when you have ordered, and we can initiate the process.