Using Personal Essence Blends

Your Lighting the Way Personal Essence Blend comes in a 20ml bottle, and is known as a dosage essence. It consists of drops of the individual essences added to spring water with approximately 20-25% brandy to preserve it.

Each blend comes with a list of which individual essences are in it and what they can do for you.

It is for you to take directly by mouth, and the number of drops, and how often to take it, will be written on the label. It can be added to a drink of water if preferred. A bottle will normally last for over 3 months for a typical dosage of 2 drops twice a day.

However, trust your intuition. If you occasionally feel you need to use it more or less per day then do what feels right. The important thing is that you take it consistently so the essences can do their utmost to help you!

If you can find time, an ideal way to take your essence blend would be to have a few quiet minutes just focusing on feeling the energy as it moves into you. You may or may not be able to sense this, depending on your experience with energy work. But it is a useful practice, as it will develop your intuitive sense of what is happening inside you, how you feel in mind, body and emotions. See if you can sense any chakras or parts of your body reacting to the essence; see if any thoughts, images or memories come to mind. If you like to record your development, perhaps keep a healing journal whilst you are taking your essences.

If you need any more advice on using my essences, please feel free to contact me.