Spinner dolphins

Essence of Spinner Dolphin


Brings stability and inner balance; synchronises all our natural rhythms; balances the masculine and feminine; invokes a sense of one’s beauty and renews self-esteem; helps one feel able to release one’s potential.

Price(GBP): £11.00

Set of Six Unity Essences (for postage see Order Info)
Price(GBP): £55.00

The spinner dolphin is a species of dolphin that spins several times when it leaps out of the water. This spinning energy, as an essence, allows us to find an inner harmony, to find a balance with nature, to become balanced within our own nature.

This is an essence of synchronisation – like an inner pendulum setting up a ‘beat of oneness’ – the beat that is uniquely yours. It enables the different aspects within, some of which may not be working well together, to link up and move in sync, like inter-linked cogs within a machine.

This spinning dolphin energy links up the different energies inside to bring about a circle of energy which then ‘lifts up’ within the being, raising one’s vibration, and allowing one to become more in tune, more in harmony with the universe. The increase in inner harmony then allows one to feel happier, and more able to express one’s potential.

This is a fantastic essence for those who feel out of balance in any way, perhaps in regard to the masculine and feminine energies. It leads to increased self-esteem, as it helps one to see one’s inner beauty and perfection.

The wave of synchronising energy that spreads through the system is not only aligning but also cleansing – like internal feng shui – clearing out the stored negativity which has led to an inner picture of ugliness, rather than the vision of loveliness which is the true picture of a human being.

This essence was made via attunement to the animal; no animals were harmed in any way.