Pure Voice

Essence of Planetary Nebula Henize 3-401 in Carina


Planetary Nebula Henize 3-401

Reclaiming the power of the voice; liberation of the voice of clarity, truth and love; connecting the throat and brow chakras to receive the higher vision, and release the higher voice; the true note of the universe.

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Set of Six Unity Essences (for postage see Order Info)
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(Previously known as ‘the Voice of the Universe)

This planetary nebula lies in the constellation of Carina, a stunningly ejection of gases by a dying star. Beautiful beings of this nebula channelled this essence, and wish to work with the people of Earth.

“We come out of the blue light to speak to you today. Yes, the ‘power of the voice’ is contained within this essence – the pure voice which is the voice of truth and the voice of love. The higher voice, and the higher vision, are both encapsulated within the energy of this nebula.

“Rise up and speak! Now is the time that all who must, should speak their truth without shame, and with the trust in the importance of their roles and their missions. This essence is a golden bell ringing in the cosmos, for within its blue colour, held at the core, is a pure white gold light resonating with a crystal clear sound.

“This note is set to overturn the melancholy, to turn sadness into joy at the liberation of the voice of truth in the person, and in the world.”

Within this essence lies a feminine energy, full of softness and grace, which balances the more masculine, assertive, vocal side of the essence. This energy is cup-like, and receives that which must be spoken: drops of wisdom from the stars. These drops are clear pictures, clear words, and the essence transmits them to the relevant chakra.

From this feminine aspect of the essence, you are given the energy of spiritual preparation, the humble awareness of the task, and the knowledge of what must be done to execute it. All must sing the true note of the universe.

“We speak to you of a change in the universal voice, the voice of the universe. Too long now the song has been a melancholy one. Other notes abound, are in fact infinite, but the one that predominates on Earth, and resonates out into the galaxy, is one of profound sadness.

“Take heart, for the note of Earth is to change. It will begin to resonate with the universal note – the purest note of love and truth that this universe has to offer. This note speaks of bells ringing across the snow, of shock-waves racing across space following the birth of a star, and of children playing…

“Once heard this note is never forgotten, as all who use this essence will hear it resonate within. It is love, it is knowledge – love of self, knowledge of self, and it allows one to voice truth, and to voice what has been held in the cells since one’s conception. Take this essence, and speak your words with joy.”