Essence of Galaxy NGC3718ngc3718smallupright


Radiant golden light coming into one’s being; psychic opening and focus; heart healing through release of negativity; accessing the peace and glory of the universe.

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Set of Six Unity Essences (for postage see Order Info)
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All galaxies have their beauty, but this one, designated NGC3718, is particularly stunning. It has a wide spiral shape and a dust lane through the middle; but it is the symmetry and its golden glow that makes it visually special. (It was previously named as the Galaxy of the Golden Sun, for its core shines brilliantly white gold).

This essence is a special gift for the Unity Essences and those using them. Unlike the others in this series, guided into being by spirit guides and nature elementals, this essence has been brought here by the powerful and evolved beings of this galaxy itself.

The gold energy of this essence is very special. It works primarily with crown and heart, opening the former to channel the high vibrational gold directly into the latter. From there it is channelled throughout the being, and powerful heart healing can be initiated. Hostility can be released, and new heart-based spirituality can manifest.

The opening of the crown is particularly important. The pillar of gold light that comes in allows the inner being to start resonating to a higher vibration, and the overall effect is an opening up of psychic ability. The analogy is that of a small backyard telescope turning into an enormous radio dish of great focusing power. This essence will help people develop in an exciting way – able to pick up more diverse vibrations and thus able to extend their skills and of course their access to spiritual and universal wisdom.

Through the use of this essence good meditative skills can ensue, as the peace and calm of the universe is ‘tuned’ into. From this comes true clarity about one’s life.