The Elemental Power of Stars

Our Sun is a star, and all other stars out there are suns in their own local environment. They fuse together the elements deep within their cores and create physical power, blasting their light and heat out in all directions, creating the conditions needed for life to form. They are the primal element of Fire at its strongest, a process that takes enormous mass and converts it into long-lasting energy.

We live and die by the light of our Sun; within its aegis the Human collective consciousness has formed, and will exist as long as the Sun lives, and then beyond that. As the Sun casts off its death shroud in its final life stage the Human Mind will still be observing, experiencing and Being the power of the Sun. The Human Existence, in its glorified whole, will not come to an end but will transmute, becoming one with the galaxy around us, adding to the sum of existence already present.

Sunlight and starlight falls on us constantly, and we can be moved by its power and beauty when we sit in awe of just what shines out of our sky, day or night. But what is present within this light? Each wave-like particle that comes out of our Sun carries a complex message. This message is the Song of our Star, and each twinkling ray from every other star, too, contains their own unique song. A Song is a woven thing, a threaded tapestry of Life. And all elements that make up the Sun speak as part of this. Scientists can inspect the rays of sunlight and see the nature of the physical elements that make up the star. But those who listen to the song on its other levels can learn so much about what a star actually IS – as a unique Soul, as we humans are all unique souls within its greater Life.

The Elements Within

When we make star essences, we listen instinctively to the star’s Song and capture those aspects that speak to us the most, that we wish to use in transformational work. We may hear the voice of the Star Angel; we may also hear the star sprites, those elemental forces that dance within and around the layers of the Star’s entire nature. The sprites hold the different dimensions of the life of the star, from the physical orb we can see and measure, up through increasingly rarefied spheres of existence. They also dance along the magnetic fields that arc up from the star’s surface, and also out on the stellar wind. The solar sprites thus spiral down into our atmosphere and dance with the elemental life on the Earth…

Yet there are deeper elements within stars, which can be considered to make up the most fundamental part of their nature. There is firstly a star seed, a complex form which describes the structure of the star and its surroundings, and which holds its ‘Purpose for Being’. The star seed can be considered a form of temple within the star, and it is called on directly when essences are to be made. The star seed holds the fundamental truths of what the star can do for us – what form of transformation, and illumination, is possible when we bring that quality of light within us.

And within this star seed temple is held what we can call the Star Consciousness. Like a living flame, this is what truly powers the nature of the star. We understand stellar nuclear fire but the Star Flame is like no fire we can imagine. This is the true Consciousness of the star, for it infiltrates and informs the whole of its multi-dimensional reality. Every entity or energetic exchange within the Star is imbued with the knowledge of this Consciousness at its heart.

The Origins of Stars

So just what IS stellar consciousness? Just as for human consciousness, it can be considered to be awareness – of self, of existence, of life. Everything in the universe exists as, and also within, Consciousness. Our human consciousness exists within that of Earth Consciousness, and Earth Consciousness exists within that of the Sun. The Sun exists within that of our galaxy…

Our stellar consciousness is essential to us, not just because we need the physical power of a star to have evolved, but because we are part of the song of our star, the Sun. We cannot be considered separate from it in any way. As a new human soul is created their song emerges from out of the vast Song of the Sun, thus adding to its music. But that song does not die when we leave the physical world, it merely changes its harmonic as our existence moves to a new level of solar life. What we call our ‘afterlife’ is merely a different scale in the song, a different level of harmony.

Yet how is a star actually born? Stars form physically from swirling forces within the galaxy that cause matter to converge at one particular point. And it is the same on the level of consciousness: from out of the extensive, complex songline of the galaxy comes a new piece of music that is to be the new star. This is the way the galaxy evolves, just as a human family evolves when a new child is born. With every star birth the galaxy experiences its Self in a new way, a transformed vista of the Galactic experience.

Every star is a new choice made by the galaxy to experience another facet of creation, for each star is unique; like humans, no two can be exactly the same. Therefore, each song that arises in a galaxy resounds with new purposes to be explored, new understanding to be gained, emerging out of what has gone before. Each galaxy carries a different ‘tone’ of Existence, and individual stars play with a different set of notes amongst that. All is music…

And the music of our Sun carries within it the DNA of which we are made, and the astounding glory of our planet, all this playing out into the rest of the universe in every moment. Many out there are listening to what is developing on our world… And we too are listening to the Sun’s music, and dancing within it, each of us an individual chord in the overall majesty of sound. As our physical bodies feel the living light falling on us from the Sun and stars of the galaxy, all our cells ring with the sound of our Creation.