The Amazing Power of Water

Through my work with essences I have come to understand the amazing power of water. However, I don’t mean its power to shape the landscape or its ability to sustain life. Instead, I speak of its quiet, hidden nature. Water touches us, water flows over us; it encircles the earth in never-ending currents. And as it does so it gently communicates all it knows.

Water absorbs energies and shares information. It speaks to us. It tells us the truth. In its liquid physical state its molecules are in constant motion: attaching, then separating and re-attaching as they move past each other. But everything has a life beyond the physical, beyond the measurable and quantifiable. And on this other level water molecules are always connected and are thus in constant communication. Imagine them as the many spokes of a wheel, all radiating out from a hub – a single, simple focus. But this is not a physical form; instead, it is an alignment of awareness.

The centre of this alignment may be considered a sacred space, a hollow around which the molecules gather, a place of stillness and also continuity. Standing water is known for its serenity, for its ability to bring peace to those who experience it. But all water, whether still or flowing, has serenity built into it, at its core. It is a particular structure that enables water to become a vessel, a holding place, for something else entirely.

Water has a strong ability to cling to other substances. But, in its central space, it has the ability to adhere to the inner dimension of all that it touches. When flowers are floated on water there is little to no absorption of their physical components. However, the inner space within the water immediately prepares to adapt its shape to a distinctive signature within the blossom – that of its highest purpose on Earth. All flowers bloom to present their glorious life-form to the world, to add to the dimension of colour and the wonderful truth that is life. We can all sense and respond to this. But water can accept the individual message of purpose, hold it, and then communicate it, with great ease.

When receiving the essence of a flower, say, the inner dimension of the water is completely filled with light. This is the light of its Spirit, which is the animating force of Creation running through the flower. Imagine it this way: picture the flower in its physical form, bright and colourful and appealing, set against a clear blue sky. Now let the image change, so that your view is filled entirely with a vivid and flowing, brilliant gold. Know that you are seeing the sea of Creation, in which all reside. This golden light represents both divine love and divine intelligence. It is the true, flowing cosmic ocean of unity, where All are One. But what of the little flower? See it now blaze against the background, its outline filled with glorious golden shades all its own. For the light of its Spirit is unique. Although it has formed out of the Sea of Creation and knows it is part of the whole, it also knows that it is distinct.

The universe is the sum of all voices within it, each knowing the perfection of All. Everything in nature has a unique voice, and a unique light. There is no distinction at heart; your true voice and your Spirit are one. It is your True Essence. And this distinct identity can be captured and held, lovingly and precisely, in the stillness at the centre of water.

But what of the vast oceans of the Earth? What do they hold? The oceans sing of the glory that is the Earth. Within every single drop of water is held the particular vibration, the particular voice that is the Earth Spirit. It speaks at this moment of connection and loss; of the beauty of the planet and of human darkness, the darkness that is the separation from the All, the sadness of isolation. The oceans and its inhabitants know all this. They know of the great cosmic ocean of which all are part. The whales, in particular, understand the true essence of our planet and carry the knowledge of its purpose, whilst feeling the flow of the Earth Spirit as it links together all of nature, and all of the planet’s inhabitants. Whales know what is real and eternal, and what is only a temporary state and experience. They know of the shifts within human consciousness, for they see that the Earth Spirit glows more intently with these changes, as it radiates and permeates through more of the physical material of the planet, and brings more light into the shadows within human nature.

For the true Earth Spirit is not the shadows, the darkness, the isolation of humanity. This is simply our current experience of it. Earth Spirit is pure light, a delicate crystalline luminosity that shines through every atom of the planet, and our bodies. We are not yet fully aware of it; we dwell in the darkness of disconnection from the truth of our own natures – that of unity with the whole planet, itself part of the vast cosmos. We do not even understand our own individual spirit, as it flows out of Earth Spirit; it, too, is in shadow. But we are being blessed with awakening at this time, blessed with the gifts of the natural world as we open our eyes to them.

And we can awaken particularly to the knowledge of what is held within water. We can understand that within the molecules’ sacred space lies the glowing spirit of all they touch. The thoughts and nature of each person affects the water around them. The streams that flow past or beneath your house pick up your true spirit, but also your pain. All is carried along to merge with the whole. But with every cup of water that you drink or offer to another, you have access to what is held there. With a moment’s intention, a moment of focus and concentration, you can link to this water and ask it to release what it holds and accept something new. Picture an in-fall of light into this water, the light of your love for the world perhaps, or your love for the person who receives the drink. Realise that every cup or glass or bowl of water will accept what you give it, and pass it on in return.

Water is a vessel, first and foremost. Its inner shape is Spirit, the life of all life, beyond all that you can imagine. There is nothing – no truth, no realisation – that water cannot carry, for it is the shape of truth. And when it is exposed to thought, to intention, to a unique entity in nature, it accepts that unique light as its new truth. Every flower on the Earth holds a gift for humanity, for flowers express nothing but a facet of divine love and intelligence. So does each thing in nature, whether plants, crystals or animals, the elemental landscapes of the Earth or the cosmic landscape of stars and planets. All live in the light of their perfect existence and their perfect connection to the whole. To make an essence of one of these, to bring the gift of that individual spirit into water, is to allow its light to be propagated with intent and focus throughout all who experience it. To pour an essence into a river, or a sea or an ocean, is to spread a pure message of healing throughout the Earth. Even the healing available in one small flower helps the entire planet to remember its truths, when so much of it is plagued by doubt and isolation. And the healing each of us does for ourselves, we do for the whole.

But imagine if the oceans of the entire planet could be filled completely and absolutely with the sheer, luminous brilliance of the glory of true Earth Spirit. If every stretch of water knew of this, and nothing else, then the planet would change in an instant, from being beautiful yet beleaguered to something much, much more. Its radiance across its entire existence would burst into a new form of life, and we humans would inherit all the benefits that knowledge of our own beauty and connection to the All could bring.

But even when a simple bowl of water is taken and turned into an essence, the sacred space is filled not only with the light of the flower or particular element of nature, but also with the original impulse of creation that led to the Earth’s birth. We can call this the Earth Seed. And to take a cup of water and fill it with the intention to help, heal or bless another is to also allow this seed to flourish within the water and within the Being of the person who drinks it. This seed grows within you as the need to understand your own origins, your own reason for existence.

Can more be said of this wondrous gift of healing intention? Just this: let the light held within the water be what you would wish it to be. When you connect with, touch or immerse yourself in the Earth’s water, bless it with your love and ask it to remember the perfection of the creation that is the Earth. When you pour water for yourself and others, realise that you are being presented with an opportunity to spread the light and the knowledge that is the perfection of the Spirit within all.

Visualise your own perfect light within it, and drink.

Presented by the angelic force working through me, December 2012.