Vital Fire

The Gift that is the Light of Rejuvenation


Riding the currents of change; dancing in one’s own vivid colours; the fire of new purpose; the most natural way forward; the fire of purification; dispelling the self-doubts; capturing the moment.

An image to portray Vital Fire

An image to portray Vital Fire

Price(GBP): £12.00


Set of Ten Solar Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

Price(GBP): £90.00


This is the essence of inner momentum; of purpose and re-animation after dormancy. Here the sun is captured in its most primal form: in its re-invigorating nature, its ability to find potential and make it grow. Here the inner flame is re-ignited; here the darkness and despondency of the old is swept away by a new wave of solar power, infusing through you, recharging and re-aligning your cells with fresh vigour.

Yet it does still more. It finds the way of least resistance. It aligns you with your intentions so smoothly that a natural and perfect way forward is found. This essence is for all those who doubt their decisions, who feel cast into gloom very easily. Here the sun lights the way through its ability to illuminate what is of vital importance to you.