The Sacred Way

The Gift that is the Sacred Heart of the Sun


Divine Love spirals into our hearts; a new approach to self-healing; giving the mind and body what they need; cleansing the mind and body of what is stagnant and unhealthy; following the signs to healthy lifestyle choices; opening to a new matrix based on a greater existence beyond the limited self.

An image to portray 'The Sacred Way'

An image to portray ‘The Sacred Way’

Price(GBP): £11.00


Set of Ten Solar Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

Price(GBP): £90.00


In this essence, a very different vibration of the Sun is presented to the human race. The first five essences offer themselves as a journey into the core of the Sun’s light, and equally, a journey into your own core, your own essence. But it does not end there. You are now presented with a new opportunity, the choice to align yourself beyond your current idea of who you are, to something greater.

This essence is vital to those who wish to move beyond the pain of earthly life, and the perceived limitations of the physical body, to a new understanding of life. There are no shortcuts to this process, but on this path of healing  it begins with the acceptance of this special energy.

Yet ‘energy’ is too simple and nebulous a term. The force within this essence is that of the sun as an expression of divine love. And this expression takes a particular shape, presenting itself during the creation of the essence as a delicately beautiful bubble of light, of translucent blue, pink and violet, radiating out from the sun to touch the earth, to touch each of us with a new simplicity. It talks to our hearts and our hearts talk back, expressing the pain and emptiness of much of human experience. There is blindness and confusion and stagnancy in our hearts, minds and bodies. We know this, but we need to find a new way.

This essence penetrates our hearts, creating a sacred path for us to follow into its depths. This essence is a reflection of the first essence, Awakening, for as we open up, spiralling out to the universe, so the universe can follow this spiral path back to our door to give us what we need. We are so ready for this; we already work endlessly to fill our needs. But what we need most is pure connection – connection to the love available to us, out there, all around us. Through the power of the sun as the vessel of choice for our lives, for our experience of All That IS, we can find our path to what we truly need.

Open up to this essence, face what is currently inside you, and allow it to be gently superseded by this pure energy of the sun. It comes directly from the sun’s sacred heart, from its knowledge of its existence as pure creation, and pure love, and its purpose as the giver of life. It is time to accept a different, more sacred approach to your life. Let this essence show you the way.