The Path to Self-Awakening

Using the Ten Solar Essences Together


Solar Path2These essences,  though individually powerful in their own right, can be used with intention to create a particular path of deep and lasting transformation. Moving from Awakening through to Fusion, they work to bring about a state of wholeness and revelation.




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All essences respond to the intentions with which they are approached, for they are consciousness, as any living thing is consciousness, and they work with us to the extent that we allow it, and are willing to receive their gifts. Each of the solar essences works to overcome deep-seated resistance and disconnection within, by creating new pathways of illumination that dissolve or bypass what is ‘in error’ in our current design, in our physical or psychological make-up. We are the product of our design but our design can be worked on, helping us move past the limitations placed on it by our childhood, by our environments and by our response to life on earth.

We are an amalgam of blindness and awareness; we know we are more than we seem but we are afraid to truly look. Our fears work to keep us safe, yet the need for safety prevents us from seeing the greater truths.

Each of these essences encapsulates the power of the sun in a particular form, but used as a whole their power amplifies many-fold, for the intention we have to follow the path they lay out altogether opens us up to a higher level of experience than any individual essence alone can provide. This does not mean that we need to take all the essences at once! Simply that by taking each of the ten essences, for  a particular length of time, in order, we naturally engage with the higher path that is available, built into the core of each essence, connecting each at its heart so they can work in concert. My spirit guides offer more explanation:

When each essence is being taken, it is not only inducing its own designated changes within you, but clearing the way for the work of the others: each essence allows the others to reach their potential. In following this course of spiritual healing, to give it its true name, you have surrendered to a divine process, whereby you allow a complete transformation of identity, from that of limited human to ‘infinite spirit moving through divine self’.

These ten essences incorporate the whole of this transformation; this is the gift of the Sun, the source of your creation on planet Earth and the local gateway to all things infinite and eternal. You might say that the Sun, though long-lived, is not eternal, and its size is large but finite, like all stars. And you would be right. But it is still a gateway. Within it is held a star seed, the point of its own creation, and each star seed holds the knowledge of all that creation is.

Each essence is a gift of your star – of its life and of its purpose. Nothing is held back from you; everything comes from this point, within the sun, and within you. You carry the sun’s seed replicated in you; you are a facet of the sun, as is every photon of light that leaves its surface. You are a shard of sunlight and your purpose is to fully experience creation as it expresses through you, a child of your star, born to the earth and made to walk its paths as you convey your own light into the world.

Rejoice in the higher path, for it is all that you are.”