The Path Home

The Gift that is the Pure Light of your Creation


Aligning with your inner radiance; connecting to the Spirit that flows through you; opening to the truth of your existence; moving beyond outdated limitations to a new form for your life.

Price(GBP): £11.00


Set of Ten Solar Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

Price(GBP): £90.00


Within us, out of view and beyond the reach of our minds, there is a place we can call ‘the point of our creation’. It is not a physical point, nor is it held in a particular organ, nor even a particular matrix of energy on whatever subtle level we care to name.

Through this mysterious point we come into being, in every instant, in every way that we exist. This point can be considered both an undefinable Source and the gateway for the animating force which defines our existence – that we can call ‘Spirit’. Via this essence, the sun makes the most powerful connection within us it is possible to make – that of aligning and opening us to this most profound point of view. Our eyes are turned away from the merely physical, the overwhelmingly mental and the unbearable emotional, and our internal pathways are forever altered. To choose to take this essence is to acknowledge that you cannot be held prisoner by the old, outdated constraints that are the limited human mind deciding what one is, or one is not.

The mind’s programming is ancient and unhelpful to you. In this essence, the very knowledge of the absolute nature of creation is gifted to you. It lights the way to truth, to an acceptance of truth, and to an uncommon experience that few other paths can give you. When taking this essence you will be made aware – via your dreams, via your visions and in everyday occurrences – that nothing is what you have thought it to be. Your own inner guidance takes on new meaning and new forms. You ride on the wings of angels, for the new paths created within you are laid down by their passing, and you move into a newly created form of your life.

With this essence you may turn corners in your life’s adventure that previously seemed closed to you; for your inner design, and thus your outer unfolding has profoundly changed. The Path Home is the path of self-recognition, of coming face to face with the Spirit that made you, and remakes you in every moment.