Sunlit Wings

The Gift that is the Flight to Higher Consciousness


Transmutation to a higher awareness; communication across realms; flowing in new understanding; overcoming the deepest blocks to change; shattering ancient patterns.

An image to portray Sunlit Wings

Th Angel of the Sun*

Price(GBP): £11.00


Set of Ten Solar Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

Price(GBP): £90.00


This essence is the particular gift of the Angel of the Sun to the Earth – hence its name. The angelic force is embedded within it, enabling you to flow within its light and its mission on Earth.

The Angel of the Sun is a glorious wave of creation, cascading through many levels of multiple foldings to form both the physical sphere of the star and its many other iterations, each a realm of the sun, each part of your greater identity. But here, in this essence, you are gifted with a lesser known part of the sun’s nature. Here is held the power to move you beyond your current boundaries of thought and experience. Here is movement at its most luminous, where the boundary of your awareness swells like an evolving star, allowing you to transition to a new state.

For many people, this essence will be ground-breaking, allowing them to overcome conditioning that seemed an impossible obstacle, held at such a deep level in the psyche that its roots could not be touched. But, like sound waves that can obliterate physical barriers, the essence of this angelic force can simply render internal psychological or etheric barriers null and void.

Once dispelled, the transmission of pure universal knowledge can begin, the essence allowing you to form the shape of your intentions as the perfect vessel within you. Experiences of this essence must inevitably be unique, for its gift is personal to you and your requirements for surpassing your old functioning. Yes, also inevitably, it not only allows you to communicate with higher sources of information, it also allows you to flow in new grace and self-awareness, your wings aglow in the sun’s own light.


*  I took this photograph six months before I created the Solar essences, at the end of the previous summer. It was a magical moment – the unusual clouds and setting sun sent a swirl of energy upwards and from out of that a cloud formed a winged angel shape. There was a profound feeling in the air, and I could sense that something special was happening, and that it was a sign or message about things to come in 2012.