Guiding Light

The Gift that is the Doorway to your Inner Sanctum


Re-integration; self-knowledge; overcoming confusion; the light of our own inner guidance; strengthening; a clearer view ahead; a path into the depths; reassurance for the journey; a rainbow of possibilities.

An image to portray Guiding Light

An image to portray Guiding Light

Price(GBP): £11.00


Set of Ten Solar Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

Price(GBP): £90.00


The Sun, as a star, radiates across the entire spectrum of possible energy, much visible but also a great deal that is invisible to us. Yet this essence has been created directly from the Sun’s core, from the central point that knows of all that the Sun is, all that has been, all that it will be. This can be considered the star seed, its central multi-layered library or array across the whole of its nature, held in one integrated, mind-blowing point.

An ‘essence’ captures the nature  of a living consciousness and allows it to transform all it touches, merging, transforming what is limited within us until we come to what is required. And thus this solar essence works at our own core to integrate what is visible with what is invisible within us. In its searchlight we see ourselves more clearly, we bring all things into play, we move towards the precious state of knowledge which is ‘I AM’.

Through the power of this incredible sunlight we are guided past personal confusion, able to see life’s lessons for what they are. We are helped along our path in significant steps, for we understand the steps, the choices we are making. We are reassured by the strength of our own integrated identity, as it comes to light, to full radiance. Like a video running in reverse, the separate shards of what was broken or disconnected come together to create a complete image. As you become ‘visible’, you also begin to see more of the journey to greater self-understanding. It is an exploration, this life we are given, and this essence guides our way.