Earth Spirit

The Gift that is the Light of the Earth Child


At one with nature and the pure spirit of the earth; dispelling the darkness within humankind; joining with others in community and kinship; attuning to the Earth Angel; overcoming deep alienation; A HEALER FOR THE ENTIRE EARTH.

An image to portray Earth Spirit

An image to portray Earth Spirit

Price(GBP): £11.00


Set of Ten Solar Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

Price(GBP): £90.00


In this essence is contained what we can call the ‘pure energy matrix’ of the Earth, as held within the Sun. The Earth is a child of solar consciousness, of solar identity, and so are you; you and the earth are one and the same, you are both ‘Earth Spirit’. That you are individual in form is without doubt, as for all living things. But this essence operates on the level of union, the unity that is all earth, all human, all animals, all nature: the One Spirit that runs through all.

The gift of this essence is community and communion. It forges the sense of Earth unity within you, helping you feel more a part of the greater community of man, and of your local community. It floods the darkness of loneliness with the light of kinship. You are no longer lost or separate, a ‘stranger in a strange land’. Instead, you begin to understand your place in the scheme of earthly life and purpose. As you take this essence your sense of stature and importance grows; you can no longer overlook yourself, or berate yourself for your own insignificance. You are a valid, vital part of the whole.

To be drawn to this essence is to accept that there is work to be done. To open up to this essence is to allow your heart to encompass the glowing form of the entire Earth. To know of its wholeness, and of its union with you, is to know of your soul purpose – which is to find wholeness within yourself, and to fully reflect the glory that is the Earth bathed in sunlight. Take this essence and know that you are earth-shine. Take this essence and know that new healing is available to you, a gift from Sun to Earth, from Earth to you.