The Gift of the Light that Dispels Illusions


A joyous spiritual dawn; golden rebirth; the veil lifts; the heart infuses with sunlight; the sleeper awakes; the penny drops; the seeker looks out on a whole new world.

Price(GBP): £12.00


Set of Ten Solar Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

Price(GBP): £90.00


In this essence burns the clearest flame of the sun – the one that disperses illusion at the deepest level. Yet none of these essences address the conscious levels of mind and emotions. All work to cut the ties that bind at the deepest places within: where subconscious meets conscious, where subconscious is formed, where one’s reality is created.

This essence causes an awakening to the idea of oneself as Creator of one’s life – as its director, its cast and even the stage set of the play that is you. It is all you. You are Spirit within mind within body within life and you create your world with every fibre of your being.

There is so much power held within this statement, and within this essence. It works to undo the conditioning that life on earth has brought about within each of us, the conditioning that says we are small, weak and that life is threatening. This is the great illusion and this needs to be stripped away.

With this healing comes great rebirth within the channels of the heart, and the golden radiance of the sun pours out in a great spiral wave from the centre of one’s being. It is a new dawn for your life, and a spiritual awakening of the highest order.