Essence of the Deep Impact of Comet Tempel 1


Comet Tempel 1 at the moment of impact

Releases the old patterns for a new start; liberates on all levels; releases one from the sense of being bound; cascades out from the heart to the furthest limit of the being to access the potential held there; an explosive wake-up call for the human race.

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On July 4th 2005, a spacecraft reached a comet known as Tempel 1 and launched a small metal probe, which then proceeded to crash explosively into the comet, releasing ice and dust for astronomers and other scientists to analyse for years to come.

This had never been done before, and it was a significant moment for the human race, to choose to release and examine material never before touched, material that can give us answers about the dynamics and formation of the solar system, and how we came to be.

This was truly a moment of liberation. A great deal of ice from this comet had already been melted and released into space on its many journeys around the Sun, leaving it with a top layer of sooty dust. But this was blasted through by the impact to release the bright white ice underneath.

Thus this essence blasts through old patterns, old psychological debris, to reveal the true structure underneath. This is a liberating energy, that once let into your system, will start a cascade effect, with no going back. It starts at the heart chakra, but ripples out to affect the whole being. The angels have this to say:

“This essence liberates on all levels. It releases one from the yoke, the sense of being bound – whatever form this takes. It is a coming out of the old skin, of releasing the whole and activating all that lies dormant. It is good for any new start in life; but for those on a spiritual path it is truly rewarding.

“This essence is a powerful seed to plant in someone’s being for it activates what is there – like a ball whizzing up a pinball machine, only this ball releases other balls in a cascade effect, and nothing is left untouched. It is a trumpet blaring in the ears of those asleep.

“Liberation makes the connection from heart to all other systems of the body, to chakras and out through the subtle bodies to reach all hidden parts. The patterning there is ancient, and this essence reminds the person of who they are and what they are meant to do, just as this moment in time, via this comet, allows the whole of the human race to get in touch with their primeval origins and release their ultimate potential.

“Thus this essence links your lower, earth-bound self to the ‘highest’ potential form of yourself¬† – the evolved human you were meant to be.”