Essence of the Variable star V838 Monocerotis


Variable star V838 Monocerotis, taken by the Hubble telescope in February 2004

Releasing and channelling the inner fire; revitalises or awakens dormant  potentials; activates and drives one forward; for illumination of dusty corners of the psyche; stirring the inner warrior into life.

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V838 is a a red supergiant star in the constellation of Monoceros which is coming to the end of its life. Normally it is quite a faint star due to its distance from us, but in January 2002 it suddenly became 600,000 times brighter for three months, and this burst of light has been traveling outwards ever since, illuminating the gas and dust ejected by this star tens of thousands of years ago. Its appearance is thus constantly changing, but the effects of this outburst, as shown by the photo, should last about a decade.

As the name suggests, this essence is concerned with the energy of fire within us. Fire is the raging, driving element inside which needs to be channelled to be effective in life. This essence was made at a moment when  fire signs of the zodiac were on the horizon and at the midheaven of the sky; when the Sun, the most powerful fiery force of our landscape was conjunct Vesta, goddess of the sacred fire – combining to create a fiery cauldron for us to work with.

The photo of the star shows that cauldron of fire, as the dust clouds capture the light of that red supergiant sun. But how is this essence to be used? The angels say:

“This essence is for the fiery soul whose energy has been overly controlled, overly repressed, and has gone unacknowledged as the vital life force. Instead, the fire turns inward, burning, harming, causing pain in the body’s cells, causing havoc in those places least able to stand it.

“How must it be used now, how must it be channelled? It must be contained, it needs a vessel, and the vessel needs to pour it, like lava, along the rightful channels. The energy of this star is racing outwards, firing and illuminating all it touches, revealing long dead shapes around its source – dead, or just held in stasis, like the potentials within you. This energy can be renewed, re-channelled, to find these potentials and form living structures out of them.

“This essence can turn a dormant life into a new blaze. So many will benefit from this. For those lacking in purpose, lacking in fire, eyes glazed over, sleepwalking, this essence will renew that inner fire so that destinies can be fulfilled.

“Many are waiting for a new start, wondering if it will ever come. But this essence holds the potential for the new day, the new dawn, when the fiery sun rises and its first rays of red pierce the vital organs slumbering away. The fiery warrior of the psyche marches around, knocking down the blocks holding back the inner fire with a savage roar…”