Essence of Barred Spiral Galaxy  NGC1365


Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC1365 in the constellation of Fornax

Safety, stability and strength of purpose for moving forward into the unknown; allowing oneself to be fully embodied to heal; rhythmic flowing of cosmic power into the being; serenity and balance within the storm of life.

Affirmation: “Whilst all swirls around me, I stay safe and stable at the leading edge of my existence”

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A spiral galaxy is a swirling mass of billions of stars, all orbiting the centre. A barred spiral shows the spiral arms of stars, gas and dust coming out of the bar, rather than the core of the shape. Thus this essence deals with the swirling chaos of life changing in front of your eyes, but allows you the gift of protection and strength to deal with it.

This essence is for those whose lives are changing rapidly – who feel they are heading out into unknown territory, becoming pioneers of their own existence. Nobody said this was easy! Yet this essence allows you to live safely at this point, to feel you can open, and keep open, the portal into a new way of life.

It also allows a reconnection with the body, for focusing on those areas that need healing, dealing with pain that has been ignored. To help with this process, this powerful, energetic galaxy opens a portal within you, allowing pulsing cosmic energy to enter, to bring necessary changes.

Spiralling galactic light flows in: silver-white from above, and gold from below, and these energies meet at the throat chakra, forming a golden halo. The angels have these words to say about taking this essence:

“Hold tight, as from here anything could happen. There are mysteries to be solved, which await through the portal. It is in the form of a standing spiral, the shape that is created when one spiral joins to the other in harmony of purpose. This essence stabilises the shape within, ready for the forward movement. A collar of light it brings – how else can you say who you are? You need to believe in the rightness of all that you think and do, and to reclaim your power.”

The protection that the essence brings creates a serene place of inner power, from where one can face calmly and clearly what lies beyond the portal, the doorway into the new life. The angels go on to say:

“Who am you when you are no longer what the world expects you to be? Where does the inner foundation come from when the old links are gone? What keeps you from falling? The mystery of this essence is how it effortlessly connects one to the safest thing of all – the Source, the Source of our existence – ultimately, in reality, the most tangible thing of all.

“Once connected, that connection can never be lost, because to lose is to forget, and one can never forget this – it is not possible. So take this essence, follow its path, because it leads back to the Source. All mysteries must lead to this. How the Source is visualised is a personal thing, but the full experience inevitably has to be the same.

“You search, you turn over stones, looking for who you really are, that one piece of exciting information for which you yearn. This essence can help you get to the place where the answer can be found.”