Essence of Archaeopteryx/Era of birds


An image to illustrate 'Ascension'

An image to illustrate ‘Ascension’

Release from the prison of emotion by channelling burning or heavy emotion upwards into a cleansed release of pure expression; a rebirth of the throat chakra, giving the ability to speak one’s truth; a phoenix essence; a rewiring of the human energy matrix to allow a higher level of being in the world, one with wings of spirit.

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Set of Six Embodiment Essences (postage not included, see Order Info)
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This is perhaps my most unusual essence!  I was guided to channel the energy of a powerful change in the Earth collective, a moment in history when the first bird took to the skies and the AIR element became a vital part of the expression of our planet.

So one could say it is the Archaeopteryx essence, but really it is also a ‘phoenix’ essence, an essence of release from that which burns within. It is for when we need to move beyond the painful, trapped emotion and escape upwards, soaring into a new experience of life.

But this essence is not merely about emotion; its energy works on the human mind gently, via a perfect sine wave that encourages the brain’s own waves to work more in unison, to find their better, higher expression, more flowing, more in tune. This is an essence for the ‘ascension of man’. On taking it I felt ‘spirit wing’s forming on my back from the new circuitry being activated across the whole of my being…