The Essence of the Star Electra


Light pours deep into the psyche, bringing co-ordination and co-operation between all key aspects of the Self; communication and co-ordination is strengthened throughout the central nervous system; we move into a state of consciously co-operating with our inner aims; we arise anew, aligned, stronger, more driven and yet at peace with ourselves.

An image to illustrate the essence Resurrection

An image to illustrate the essence Resurrection

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Set of Six Blue Fire Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

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This essence has been gifted by the star Electra, one of the beautiful Pleiades cluster near the constellation of Orion, known as the Seven Sisters. Like its sister star Merope, Electra has a beautiful outpouring of energy that cascades directly down into the centre of our psyches.

The star Electra

The star Electra

But when there, it activates into a laser-like intensity, searching out all the neural connections that need creating or strengthening, so as to pull all aspects of our minds  into conscious co-operation, bringing about cohesion.

And from this cohesion comes a glorious outpouring that is the renewed self. We become truly willing to be our complete selves, to be a warrior of light, taking our glory out into the world. And we see ourselves in a completely new light, all parts of us working in harmony.

On a physical level, this essence works throughout the central nervous system, for this is vital to the strength of the whole. This essence encourages us to stand upright and release tension and problems throughout the spinal system. It can be used topically to help improve co-ordination in any area.

When taking this essence we consciously work to overcome both mental and physical weaknesses and the light of the star will weld together any parts that need to integrate or communicate to make this happen, like the separate parts that become a suit of armour.