Clear Vision

The Essence of the Star Saiph


This star illuminates and expands the mind to provide a refreshed view of one’s life and oneself; it relieves depression, stagnation and apathy; it activates feelings of excitement and lightness of being; It helps us feel the underlying rhythms and music of our soul; it brings new ideas after disillusionment.

An image to illustrate the energy of this essence

An image to illustrate the energy of this essence

Price(GBP): £11.00


Set of Six Blue Fire Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

Price(GBP): £55.00


This essence has been gifted by the star Saiph, a blue-white supergiant in the constellation of Orion. All supergiants are truly massive stars, dwarfing a star like our own Sun. And likewise they will have a massive effect on the psyche, bringing their phenomenal luminosity and powers of expansion into the mind.

The constellation of Orion, Saiph is the fainter blue star at bottom left

The constellation of Orion. Saiph is the blue star at bottom left, fainter than the other key stars

This star radiates into all parts in darkness in the psyche, and sets off a resonance that reminds us of who we really are. It is especially useful when one has withdrawn into negativity and apathy following disappointment or disillusionment, feeling depressed or unwilling to try again. It can be hard to pick ourselves up and start again sometimes, but this star will re-activate what has been shut-down and bring refreshment to a tired mind.

It restores our lightness of being and allows us to cast off what has burdened us. We can see ourselves anew, and also see the way out of the darkness,  the path of golden light that takes us out into the world again, rekindling our zest for living, allowing us to see our lives in an expanded form.