The  Essence of the star Gomeisa


Light pours into our shadowy places, transmuting what is there and revealing our hidden gold, that of our talents, passions and hearts’ desires;  the energy of suppression transforms into the flow of destiny; we reach out into the world and become one with it; we honour ourselves and the Earth as equally sacred beings; we accept the power of self-transformation.

An image to illustrate the energy of Alchemy

An image to illustrate the energy of Alchemy

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Set of Six Blue Fire Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

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This essence has been gifted by the star Gomeisa, the second brightest star of the constellation Canis Minor (the little dog), just to the east of Orion (see the picture on the right, below, the blue star as shown by the line added on the star chart).

Gomeisa, to the upper right of the star Procyon

Gomeisa, to the upper right of the star Procyon

This blue star is like a searchlight into the hidden depths of the psyche, the place where we hide away that which we fear about ourselves, that which we cannot acknowledge – anything that was unsupported by our early lives or by the way we see ourselves currently. We call it the shadow, keeping it repressed as well as we can. Yet it is really our ‘hidden gold’, that which has been unacceptable to us but is, in actual fact, what we most desire – to express, to aim for, to acknowledge.

This essence teaches us that energy used in suppression would be better spent in expression of the hearts’ desire, and in flowing freely, out into the world. Each aspect of us, no matter what the reasons for it being hidden, deserves to be revealed and transmuted into its rightful state and place within us. Each part is sacred to the whole; each of us is sacred to the Earth. This essence contains great spiritual truths; it is the wisdom of seeing the Earth as a living being, each part important to the whole, and of our minds and bodies in the same way: all parts in harmony, each expressing the light of their true colours, all working in concert.

With this essence we ‘come in search of the wider world within’. It is for anyone who hides from themselves and others, feeling they can’t have the role they really wish to on the Earth, for they were denied in some way when young. With it we can allow ourselves to emerge from our own shadows, and accept the mantle of our own sacred, golden nature, our own wisdom, our own spirituality, our own power to transform our lives.

A golden light, held at the centre of this particular star, rises within us as we accept the extent of our ‘truth’. As part of this movement the entire circulatory system of our bodies can move more freely, expressing who we are to the world in a new way, interacting internally and externally with a new sense of freedom and ‘rightness’.