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Celestial Heart

Celestial Heart

I connect with spirit healers and angels to request wisdom, clarity and spiritual advice on the healing you need at this time.


Full Reading (approx 1500 – 2000 words)

(including postage – UK only

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Short Reading (approx 1000 words) plus personal heart healing essence mix

including postage – UK only

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For each of the three types of reading I offer I use your astrological chart to establish a deep connection with you, but in this reading I include astrological information, and my guides work with this as well, to help you make sense of where you are at this point in your life. Your chart shows the patterns at work in your life, your family influences and, focusing on the moon in particular, it shows what you need to feel nurtured and fulfilled.

The spirit healers who come through will give you the guidance you need to begin healing what is stored in your body as pain, and what is directing your mind that is unhelpful to you. The reading is also very heart-based, as opening the heart centre is so important for us, so that we can channel love and passion into the world, and to feel that we know and appreciate ourselves in the fullest way. This is not necessarily a quick or easy thing to achieve, but here you can begin to unravel what is tied in knots within you, and start to look towards the beauty of your spirit within.

Before doing the reading, I will chat to you via email or phone, finding out if there is anything particular you would like to focus on, and also obtaining your birth details so that I can draw up your astrological chart.

There are two possible options for readings. One is a long (up to 4/5 pages A4) reading. The other is a half-size reading with accompanying heart-healing essence mix. This package gives you a powerful combination of supportive, illuminating words plus vital healing energies.

Please contact me if would like to find out more. Go to Testimonials for some client feedback.


The image is by permission of the artist Daniel B Holeman, whose work I find really inspiring.