Words of Awakening

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This is a particularly specialised channelled reading for ‘awakening to new awareness’, It is useful to those of you who work particularly with inner energies, and with chakras, and who like to take charge of your own healing. It provides a highly focused approach to the changes you require in your life.

Reading (1000 Р1500 words)  including postage РUK only

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Reading plus Awakening Support Essences (Recommended)  including postage РUK only

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This reading will provide you with the guidance to take you on a detailed journey into your ‘inner self’, to the energy levels that contain the chakras, and also beyond, to the deepest states within. This reading is for those who wish to work deeply on themselves, to reveal what is hidden, to open gateways to new potential and new understanding. There are many blocks caused by the pain of earthly life, blocks we would all like to overcome.

In the reading you will be guided to those inner places,  appropriate to you, where the blocks exist, and you will be given information on healing and awakening them. This will consist of powerfully transforming words direct from your Spirit as it flows from your Source, words that can be used as a mantra and as a key to unlock what is currently sealed.

Within every chakra there is knowledge of your truth, and this can be accessed, can be activated by the nature of the inner journey you undertake and the healing you are given – in the form of these words, spoken out loud, and, if you wish, a specially selected combination of essences that will work alongside your intention, to give it power and to aid your voice as you bring long hidden parts of yourself to life. I certainly recommend that you use the essences alongside the inner direction.

Before doing a reading, I will chat to you via email or phone, to find out if there is anything particular you would like to focus on, and also to obtain your birth details so that I can draw up your astrological chart – always my first point of connection to you when I ‘tune in’ to do this work.

Please contact me if would like to find out more. Go to Testimonials for some client feedback. For an example of this work, go to Awakening Reading Excerpt.


The image is by permission of the artist Daniel B Holeman, whose work I find really inspiring.