Where Wondrous Things Happen Part 2

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A Typical Blue Star

Today we will resume our connection to this young blue star, which has so much more to say to you, in its presence and its purpose.

Here we show you an image of a blue star – not the one we are to connect to, for that is currently out of sight to earth eyes, but one that is typical of its type: larger and more luminous than other stars, energising the space material around it with its blazing intensity. Focus on this image to aid you, as we go deeper into the light.

Although you cannot see this particular new star in the night sky directly and you cannot feel its light – however subliminally – falling on you, these words act as a conduit for you to experience its power.

And this is, indeed, all about power.

Blue stars are the initiators of the galaxy, those that transform the matter and the life around them, forcing it to evolve onto a new level of experience. For those of you ready to hear this, we speak of changes within you about to occur. There are those amongst you who live and breathe by starlight, yet have been starved of it. There are those amongst you who wish to reach for a higher purpose you can call your own. There are also those amongst you to whom the night sky simply gives meaning, and inspiration.

Thus listen to my words, and listen to the star that feeds them.

Allow the light of this blue star to enter your mind from above, from beyond its narrow limit. Feel it shining on your crown, and your third eye. Let your breathing steady as your body registers the change to its energetic matrix. Allow the light to prevade your hidden corners and human darkness.

This light is not meant to overwhelm you, but guide you, and open you to more of yourself. Thsoe of you who know of essences in an intimate way, know this: these words contain the essence of this star. It is already working within you. Only your doubts will act as a barrier. Allow them to dissipate.

As the light continues to fill you, know that the consciousness of the star – that we can call the Star Being – is touching you in its wisdom.

What you experience here is unique and personal to you, however conscious or unconscious. But there is something that is true for all. This luminous, sparkling consciousness will touch you across multiple layers of your being with one intent in mind: to allow new conduits to form within you. In this way your awareness of yourself is amplified, and is brought in line with your soul purpose, with the delight that is the soul on earth, fulfilling its task. This cannot help but be of great value. Like an elevator connecting all floors, this blue energy allows you to move through an increased inner awareness and sets the scene for a transformation in your view of yourself.

It is a most valuable connection given to you today, and a most beneficial meditation.

After this, in channelled mediations to come, we will move onto new realms. But this blue star – the One who Initiates you into a new view of the cosmos, and of yourself – will stay with you, one extra light in the darkness, one moment of fresh contemplation for mankind.