Where Wondrous Things Happen Part 1

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Star Birth Cloud

In this series of articles I will be leading you on a journey of exploration through the heavens. It is an introduction to the life beyond your life, beyond the physical realm, seen through the eyes of one who was there at the birth of your sun, and your planet, and of the consciousness known as ‘human’.

My name is Gideon – an adopted name, for human beings like the identification a name provides. You may think of me as an ancient designer of stars and planets. I am not an individual, not in the way you see yourselves. I am more af an entity, one whose consciousness spreads far and wide, through enormous sectors of space, moving alongside waves of star life, and star evolution, moving one step ahead of the spread of consciousness throughout the galaxy.

I know of stars, for stars are created through my thought, through my sense of what has to ‘come to life’. There are a myriad life forms out in the darkness of space. Not simply physical life that evolves on planets, but other, more advanced forms – life that is interwoven with the stars themselves, life that binds stars together in a glorious network, life that is the higher consciousness of an entire galaxy of stars, billions upon billions of them.

The life that you call physical – that which you see with your physical eyes and instruments – consists of stars studded against the black void, each a vast furnace of life-creating energy, each a consciousness that is pure intent. Each embraces and holds the space around it. Through its collection of planets and the design of the matrix they form, the star lives out its glorious purpose. Nothing is random in this universe, and nothing is without purpose: not one star, not one comet, not one shapeless piece of rock hurtling through the eternal night of space. Today we will take a journey on one of these space rocks, allowing you to make a connection to one particular form of new life.

The image above, so vivid in its colour and intensity, is a star cloud known as the Carina nebula. Here many stars are forming amidst the dust, gathering their material to them, slowly igniting and blasting their way out of the cocoon. On the far side of this nebula there is a collection of widely-spaced brilliant blue stars, already moving out of the cloud, their strong winds forcing back the remnants of their birth. And as they emerge, the surrounding filaments of interstellar gas begin to glow gently in all shades of blue, from turquoise to indigo, marking their passage.

Now picture yourself standing on a rocky asteroid, its dark surface looking something like the moon, all dimpled and craggy. There are many rocky bodies like this, left over from star birth, some highly bound to their stars, others flung off into the unknown by the turbulence of star creation. This is one such. Here the dark of night is permanent as there is no atmosphere to be had, nothing to fill the sky with colour. And at this moment you are facing away from the nebula, with only the cold pinpricks of distant stars for company.

But this asteroid is slowly spinning. And as it spins, a pale blue-tinted haze comes into view, creeping above the horizon. The light intensifies, and then the disk of a cobalt blue star appears, rising slowly, casting its radiance across the surface. It is one of those newly emerged from its birth cloud. Its blazing light streams away in all directions, its surface boiling with a heat far stronger than that of the sun. Its physical nature is stunning indeed, and blue stars are rare jewels in the galaxy, so short a time do they live compared with stars like your own.

But the physical energy is just one part of the star. Within every photon of its light is contained its higher purpose. To connect to this star, however briefly, is to connect to the profound nature of its totality. A star is a vessel of Creation, and out of each pours new awareness of Life – where Life is the knowledge of All That Is. To connect to the stars is to connect to the truth of Creation, and the truth of your own creation.

A star is a wondrous thing; yet so are you.

However, a star is untainted by the limits of human thinking. A star is pure power of transformation. Your own star, the sun, works through you in your every breath, and every footstep. You are an element of sunshine, come to awareness. But what of this blue star, today? This star roars out its own fresh, new power, its pure voice shaping all around it. Picture it in your mind; listen to it speak through its radiant cobalt light.

The translation is thus: “I am awakening. I am reaching out. I am STAR. I am one who speaks of the glory of existence.”

Yet each star is unique. Each star has an individual consciousness that has individual purpose. This star has been chosen for you today because it resonates with one particular train of thought. And this is:

“I speak of who I am, for I am great. I speak of who I am, for I am a luminous being. I speak of who I am, for I am Glory. I speak and the universe knows who I am. And I see myself reflected in the universe around me.”

This is the healing message from the stars for all of you today. Allow this star to touch you.