Using the Guided Essences



Each Guided Essence comes in a 30ml bottle, and is known as a ‘stock’ essence, i.e. it has been made up with drops of the mother tincture. It consists of 50% spring water and 50% organic brandy.

A typical dosage is 1-2 drops once or twice a day. But as this is a stock bottle, you can make it last by making up a separate bottle for your daily dosage is you wish, adding a couple of drops to a bottle of spring water and keeping it in the fridge for several days, or adding a couple of drops to a container similar to an essence bottle (whether 30 ml or another size) and making it up with spring water and 20-25% alcohol to preserve it, and then using this as often as you wish.

Essences work most powerfully when taken internally. But you can also use essences on pressure points or chakra points to strong effect, or added to an aromatherapy spray that you use around your aura.

There is no problem with using several Guided Essence at a time, or with using my essences with those of other producers.

If you can find time, an ideal way to take essences would be to have a few quiet minutes just focusing on feeling the energy as it moves into you. You may or may not be able to sense this, depending on your experience with energy work. But it is a useful practice, as it will develop your intuitive sense of what is happening inside you, how you feel in mind, body and emotions. See if you can sense any chakras reacting to the essence; see if any thoughts/images or memories come to mind. If you like to record your development, perhaps keep a healing journal whilst you are taking your essence(s).

If you want any advice on using my essences, please feel free to contact me.