A Voice of the Cosmos

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Our Star

Our Star

Our sun is a star, a glorious expression of light and power. It is a voice of the cosmos, it is a source of life, and, most importantly, it is an expression of pure existence.

The universe has countless suns singing the song of their creation; you see them glittering sharply through our atmosphere, their light waves carrying their voices for all to hear. Each song is unique to the sphere that creates it, yet this is not a song formed by sound waves within the body of the star, but by ripples of creation coming through the heavens. The voice of a star is of a purity unknown to most human beings. For while the physical nature of a star can be considered a turbulent maelstrom of boiling gas and nuclear fire, a source of both life and death, its ‘song’ is quite other.

The song comes from the very centre of the star. All the molecules of gas, all the photons of light resonate with its tones. They ARE its very nature; the form arising out of the purpose of its existence. For every star has a purpose, and it sings of this. When you connect to a star, when you hold it in your vision, its song fills your heart, just as the light rays fill your eyes. Human hearts delight in the music of the spheres, their energy structures expanding and re-aligning in response. To sit with a star is to begin to know the Life beyond human life, the purpose of All.

But what of the star known as the sun, source of all life on earth, centre of the mystery of our own existence? The sun is like a harp, each string resonating with one aspect of our being. To all of us, the sun speaks simply of the glory of existence, but there is far more to be uncovered. The rippling waves of creation flow back and forth within us, setting up an harmonic pattern. This, then, isĀ  our own song within all the entire Sun Song, and our own unique purpose.

On a level far beyond human mind, that only the human heart can comprehend, we sing in harmony with our star, echoing its existence within our own. We are children of our star and can never be separate; our voices are part of the stellar whole. With its song the sun describes all that we are, yet also states:


the power

that lies within you.

I am glorious transmutation;

an ascension of form

that transports you

beyond time and space

and back again.

I am the power

of self-realisation

and I am the conduit

to the divine

within you,

where one is one heart,

the heart of all

singing as one EXISTENCE.

Take these words as you steer your face towards the sun and let them resonate within you.