The Light of New Awareness

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Transcendence Essences: A Change of Awareness

A Change of Awareness


A Change of Awareness is, without doubt, what is needed for this period in Earth’s history. Most of us need to see ourselves, and our reason for being here, with more awareness, more clarity. The way we live our lives as a race has to change; our connection with the Earth has to change; and this essence needs to be spread far and wide – given to as many people as possible, added to rivers, oceans, mountain tops. It is needed on all all levels, and can work on all levels.

It is for

  • accessing true clarity and perspective
  • releasing ingrained negative, repetitive patterns of behaviour
  • seeing the spiritual gold at one’s heart
  • finding the point to one’s existence
  • moving onto the next level of understanding

For more detail on this essence, or to purchase, please go to TRANSCENDENCE ESSENCES: A CHANGE OF AWARENESS.