Star Gatherer

My first love was the stars, and via many years of intense psychic development I have become able to connect to them in a profound way. Each star is a vast sphere of luminosity and power; each is also a reservoir of divine love, a symbol in physical form of Creation itself. Stars create the environment for physical life, and for an experience of consciousness, the fundamental awareness of life. Everything in existence has consciousness, and via the unique consciousness of a star all can experience the purest sense of what it is to BE.

Blue binary Rho Ophiuci and its surrounding stars

Blue binary Rho Ophiuchi and its surrounding stars

A star cannot be confused about its identity. A star has purpose; it is one individual flavour of the infinite that is Creation. Even when stars are similar in colour, temperature and size, no two are perfectly alike, no two offer the same experience. And in my visionary work I am beginning to understand the benefits that ‘star connection’ can bring us. To accept a star into our hearts, to focus on its nature within us, to allow ourselves to expand from the inside out into its light, is to experience a new and glorious form of being. As humans we value uniqueness. When connecting with a star – using meditation or by taking a star essence – we allow their purity and power to bring that uniqueness to the fore. Stars can activate potentials, helping us shine our light in new ways.

Our minds cannot easily encompass the sheer scale of a star. Even a relatively small star like our sun is one hundred times the diameter of the earth, and is filled with unimaginable extremes of temperature and force. But our hearts can expand to experience the truth of a star, and can be reborn in its gifts.

This is one of my roles in life: to be a Star Gatherer; to learn of the individual nature of stars that can assist us in our growth and healing as souls on earth. if you feel this work can benefit you, if you feel drawn to the power of stars to guide and nourish you, please Contact me for more information.