Soul Unity Essence

As well as my individual essences, I can also provide my clients with a Soul Unity Essence, a unique product that is created for you alone, directly from the centre of your Being – your Soul.

I have the ability to link deeply with your soul and open a channel to your need for deep transformation. There are times in life when we need to take a powerful step, when we need to move into an expanded Human Self and incoporate far more of our soul energy, our unique nature, our innate talents than before.

Thus this essence creation is for you, and OF you, where pure energies of Earth and Cosmos are brought into spring water under the direction of your Soul and bottled, capturing the New Essence of You, presenting you with what you have been lacking. Perhaps this energy was repressed in you, denied for some reason, or maybe you are transcending an old way of Being and wish to embrace the new.

Either way, the individual elements you need now are channelled and then woven together into this unique and very special essence. As you take it, the energy matrix it contains resonates through your Being, shifting you in subtle or powerful ways, enabling you to make the necessary transition.

The energies chosen will come from various sources: from the Aneglic realm, from the pure body of the Earth (elementals, primal forces, animal spirit, landscape, organic life) and from the cosmos (planets, moons, sun, stars, galactic). Other energies will be woven by Spirit to aid you in recalling what was lost within you.

Your Soul Unity Essence is sent through the post after a phone or email consultation.

To Order:  (including postage for UK only)
Price(GBP): £37.00

Client Testimonials     Using Essence Blends

To create the blend for you, I use your astrological chart to make an initial psychic connection with you, and then I go deep so as to hear the voice of your soul. So I will need your birth details from you: the date, place and time (if you know it or can get it, but no problem if not).

The essence blend comes in a 30ml bottle, which at a typical dosage provides three months of continuous transformation.  Please Contact Me if you would like to discuss further how my essences could help you.