The Gift that is the Light of True Alignment


Opening to the source of health and life within; finding a sense of stillness; feeling safe inside oneself; realising one’s sweetness; a new alignment with oneself; self-nourishment.

An image to portray Sanctuary

An image to portray Sanctuary

Price(GBP): £11.00


Set of Ten Solar Essences  (postage not included, see Order Info)

Price(GBP): £90.00


There is no resting place from the whirlwind of life other than our still centre. Here we can find peace from our restless searching, our desperate yearning and the pain of the emptiness we sense inside. This essence is for those who have not been able to look within themselves for their own nourishment, and for their own stability, for fear of finding that their worst fears are realised: that there is an abyss within that can never be filled.

To overcome this, the essence creates a structure of safety around the heart, pulling in threads of sunlight – gold and green – and weaving a place where one can lay down and rest. But there is more. The essence infiltrates both conscious and unconscious mind to bring about an inner restructuring. Then, like light moving through facets of crystal, the brilliance that is one’s source can make itself known; it can become a real presence within. One is no longer adrift from oneself, lost and alone. The sense of emptiness retreats in the face of this light, for in it is contained the sweetest view of all: that of absolute belonging to oneself.