Opening to New Healing

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Supporting you through your life’s challenges; relieving your daily stress; initiating a new path of healing for you.opening2


Opening to Healing Essence Mix   (includes postage – UK only)

Price(GBP): £40.00



Like Rescue Remedy, the most well-known of the Bach flower essences range, this essence mix will be tailored to meet the needs of your daily life, helping to reduce anxiety and stress generally. The essences chosen for you address the negative states you are in – whether of mind or emotions – by giving you a positive way to deal with what is happening to you. There are essences to calm the mind, to increase confidence and self-esteem, for feeling safe in the world, for bringing hope and new ideas when things seem very stuck, and much, much more.

Essences are patterns of consciousness, and each can provide a new way of acting by raising us up to its particular expansive level of awareness and viewpoint. When I make the mix for you, I connect to you deeply and intuit which essences will bring positive changes to your daily life. However, in connecting in this way, I also hear the voice of your spirit, which is crying out for deeper healing, and also longing to remove the inner blocks which get in the way of you achieving your potential. Everyone wants this in some way; everyone wants to be fully ‘who they are’. And so I will be guided to give you essences which address these deeper needs, so as to set you off on a new path in life.

The essence mix comes in a 30ml bottle, which at a typical dosage provides 3 months of continuous healing. Please refer to Using Personal Essence Mixes and Welcome for more information on taking essences generally.

Artwork by permission of Daniel B Holeman, whose images I find really inspiring.