March 27 Sun and Full Moon alignment

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Today I am handing over to the angels to help me create my blog entry, and they show me an image of the sun rising, and I realise they wish me to talk about the alignment of the sun and moon which is due tomorrow. Once a month there is a full moon, where the moon lies on the opposite side of the earth to the sun and we get to see it fully illuminated. The moon and sun together provide the rhythms of our earthly life, and each full moon isĀ  a potent time, when important things can come to fruition. If a full moon touches us personally, resonating on some inner level, then we feel moved, we feel an emotional urge to bring something to fulfillment.

The full moon is exact tomorrow morning, at 9:30 UK time. But we are dealing with more than a simple full moon, as the sun is not alone on the other side of the sky. It joins with the planets Venus, Mars and Uranus to create a line-up of intensely strong illumination. The sun is far too dazzling for us to see the planets by its side – we would need an eclipse for that! But this line-up is intensely significant. The sun and planets are all placed in Aries, the sign of new beginnings, new directions, of being a pioneer in your own life. The sun moves into Aries at this time every year, heralding the spring. The weather here may still be stuck in what seems like eternal winter, but the planets say otherwise!

Wherever these planets are in your particular astrological chart, they point to something new being seeded. Sun and Uranus together speak of the illumination that takes one onto a new level of consciousness, of breaking through to a new viewpoint. Uranus wants radical change, a fresh approach. It tried to overturn the old in favour of the ‘never been tried before’. Venus and Mars in the mix bring a longing for action, and a joy in seeing what is emerging from within one’s consciousness, what is coming into the light. Add in the full moon and it is a potent mix indeed!

The angels have this to say about this alignment:

“The sunrise tomorrow – whether seen or unseen – is glorious to behold, for we see it as a trumpeting chorus, an awakening to new life being seeded in the collective consciousness of the earth, and within each of you. And by ‘new life’ we mean the impetus to create your life afresh, from a perspective you have not considered before. Take a moment during the day to think about this. We cannot promise you revelations, though many will have revelations during this alignment. But we can suggest that you focus on one particular thing.

“Picture yourself within a circle of light, like a hoop around your middle, suspended in the air. Now let this circle expand outwards, taking the sense of your own extent, your own scale, along with it. This does not diminish you in any way, you do not ‘stretch thin’. Like a star that swells into a giant at an important moment in its evolution, this exercise allows you to become comfortable with a new boundary. Let the circle of light remain just as bright as it grows, but there will come a point where you know it is meant to stop. It may be just a few feet away from you, it may have become the size of your house, your street, your city, country, the size of the earth or beyond. Let it grow to where it will.

“Now sit, breathing comfortably within it. And allow yourself to think: how do I feel now? Who am I now that I have grown, now that I have extended myself on an energetic level? We give you this opportunity to allow new thoughts, a new sense of self to emerge, should it wish or need to.

“To increase the effect, imagine the circle filling with the light of the sun and the other shining planets, so that it becomes truly brilliant. And when you have sat peacefully within this combined energy, ask yourself: am I happy to let this ring stay where it is? Do I wish to extend it further, pull it back or let it stay where it is?

“The ring is a symbol of your higher awareness, and we present you with a chance to allow this to move beyond its current boundary. It is an effective exercise for those who feel ‘trapped’ within themselves or stuck in their lives, or who stand at the gateway of new exploration. We wish you safe journeys as you choose to discover more about who you are.”