The Purpose of the Inner World Essences

The Inner World essences were created by linking deeply to the planetary consciousness of each cosmic body in turn and channelling the highest energy pattern possible Рa pattern  to raise the effect of the action of each to its highest intent.

Up above the earth


Within human nature, a planetary energy such as Mars can be used to create violence, to be aggressive, to come out fighting from a place of fear; yet in its highest form, Mars can bring assertive action that comes from a pure place in the heart, and this is what the Mars essence can bring. Likewise for all the essences: blocks and fears can be removed to allow a spiritual force to flow, allowing us to open up to a new way of life we didn’t think was possible.

All can benefit from these essences, and at any time. But inevitably, when we are guided to one using intuition, dowsing or guidance from another, the astrological chart will indicate that a time of healing and change has arrived for that planet, for that particular aspect of our nature. In astrological lingo, there will likely be a major ‘transit’ of that planet. It may be useful to have an astrological reading at this point, to understand the bigger picture,¬† and to work with it in detail.

But the beauty of these particular essences is their multi-faceted nature. For no planet is an island; each interacts with others in dynamic ways, whether harmoniously, confusedly or problematically. Within each essence lies the healing pattern for each possible strand of interaction of that planet with the rest of the cosmos/psyche, and this, ultimately, brings the power of their healing: nothing gets over-looked or is left to lie in pain. These are catalysts for MASSIVE change for anyone, and are a powerful starting point of anyone’s healing journey.