The sun as seen from above the earth

Essence of the Stellar Consciousness of the Sun


The activation of your purpose and promise; radiating with the power of the sun; accessing one’s potentials; opening up to   joy; becoming the creator of one’s own life; shining one’s true light.

Price(GBP): £11.00

Set of Six Light Connection Essences (for postage see Order Info)
Price(GBP): £55.00

The Sun is a star, a massive sphere one hundred times wider than the earth, blazing with the light of nuclear fusion. The Sun gives us life; it is the fuel that powers our beings. The body is a “resonant pattern of the sun’s light held within an earthly vehicle”.

For those who need this Sun essence, this energy will be a shocking explosion of light and power. The Sun is the creative force at the centre of the being: in the astrological chart, it is the ‘I AM’, the sense of identity, the knowledge of one’s unique nature. This essence works to bring about the true glory of the expression of self within the physical body.

This is the chance to grow, the chance to see the Sun shine out of oneself; the chance to be reminded of Who You Are. This is the power to create your life.