Mars, the red planet

Essence of the Planetary Consciousness of Mars


Recognising and then manifesting one’s desires; turning compassion into action; activating one’s willpower and self-responsibility; the drive for self-recognition; vitality and strength; working for the good of the Earth.

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Set of Six Light Connection Essences (for postage see Order Info)
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(Previously called ‘the Heart in Action’)

Mars is the driving force within us. It helps us identify what we want, and enables us to go after it. But the use of Mars energy has brought conflict into the world. Its power has been channelled in a negative sense, via fighting for what we can get, with no thought for others.

This essence contains the compassionate face of Mars, where this powerful energy is positively channelled, via an alignment of heart and base chakras. This essence brings strength and vitality, and this is then used to bring your heart’s desires into your life.

Made under a Moon-Mars conjunction in Taurus, this Mars energy brings self-responsibility – you are the pattern maker and breaker of your own existence. In the words of the angels:-

“Mars is the great activator, and comes from a place of human desire. Desire leads you to take what you want, and build what you want, putting strength and energy into that which you create. Mars also represents what/whom you choose to fight with, and fight for.

“But this Mars essence is needed to bind compassion with action in the world, and ‘do no harm’ is its motto. This essence comes from the heart: desires will eventually merge as one – the need to save the human race from itself, to see conflict as the teacher it is, and then choose to graduate from this school to a place of higher wisdom and learning.

“This essence aligns practical action with the spirit of awareness, the sense of working towards divine order, divine law and a united Earth. Mars may not traditionally be the planet associated with the heart – but love is action, the right action, and Mars is intended to be the force within you that allows human love to be a force sweeping out into the Universe

“Mars should no longer be about fighting for what you can get, but giving what you have, with love and thought for what is needed. This essence  flows through the blood, flows through the meridians, and links heart and base chakras in a powerful grid of energy, calling in the power of the planet Mars to amplify this energy,  and signal out the new intention of the human race into the Universe. This is the Heart in Action.”