Venus, second planet out from the sun

Essence of the Planetary Consciousness of Venus


A mirror on our own sense of beauty within; the nourishment of our connection with the beauty of nature; re-balancing and harmonising  the entire being; improved self-esteem and self-appreciation.

Affirmation: “I give eternal thanks for this essence. May it fill our beings, may it fill our hearts, may the power of beauty live in our cells forever.”

Price(GBP): £11.00

Set of Six Light Connection Essences (postage not included, see Order Info)
Price(GBP): £55.00

The planet Venus is known as the Morning and Evening Star, a brilliantly radiant  form seen near the sun when it is close to the horizon. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty in myth, and this essence encapsulates the goddess energy from this planet as a brilliant rainbow of light, reflected from the sun and then coming within us to light up every cell with love, beauty and gratitude.

Beauty is all around, beauty IS nature – the nature of the earth and of the heavens. Each of us needs to be clothed, and to walk, in the beauty of different aspects of nature. This essence helps us open up to what we need. As a result, the sense of self-image will be healed. As we connect with the beautiful world around us, we become aware of what we hold in high esteem, and then we can see its reflection in ourselves. In the words of the angels:-

“When looking at beautiful things, it is the recognition that they are beautiful which has the effect – it is the connection. This essence opens one up to make more connections – finding the beauty outside, the beauty within. When one can recognise the beauty within the self, the beauty of the body , then one can be grateful for it, then the healing can begin. This is an essence for those at a loss for how to appreciate themselves.”

This essence also acts as a prism, splitting the energy of the sun reflected so beautifully by this planet, and allowing the correct colour vibration to activate the chakra which needs it. This is a harmonising and re-balancing essence for human energies.