Inner Light

Mercury, closest planet to the sun

Essence of the Planetary Consciousness of Mercury


Mental rejuvenation; new light broadens the pathways of the mind; improved communication between different facets of self; lightness of being; downloading wisdom from the Sun.

Price(GBP): £11.00

Set of Six Light Connection Essences (for postage see Order Info)
Price(GBP): £55.00

Mercury is a small, cratered airless world, bathed in the ferocious light of its position closest to the sun. Astrologically, it rules our inner pathways, the mental channels for the transport of the Sun’s energy.

This is an essence which opens up the mind to more light than has ever traversed it before. It overhauls a mind which is stagnant, transforming narrow mental paths into broad channels capable of allowing the passage of light and information as never before.

This light is unstoppable; through the action of this essence, mental blocks, mental judgements and all unnecessary inner limitations can be released. It clears away the mental barriers, until the desired outcome is achieved.

Mercury is the Angel Messenger, and the essence for those whose minds are not moving as they should, minds that are ‘not light on their feet’ and who are stuck for any reason. An activated Mercury can move with ease, allowing passage between the different facets of self, mind and body.

The mind becomes a temple to the light of the sun; and the essence allows higher information to be transported in ‘on wings of light’. At its highest, this essence can create a golden lattice of mind within. You are truly being ‘rewired’ to hold new and very interesting data. If appropriate for this stage in your development, this essence can intercept your normal processes and overlay something quite profound.