Breaking Through

Uranus, a gas giant planet

Essence of the Planetary Consciousness of Uranus


Breakthroughs of the mind; release from old limitations; faster thinking and production of ideas; moving onto new levels of thought and awareness; improved precognition and telepathy; moving into new dimensions of thought.

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Set of Six Light Connection Essences (for postage see Order Info)
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The planet Uranus takes us into the realms beyond the everyday world and its norms of acting and thinking. Uranus is the energy which shakes us up, which raises our consciousness to see things in a fresh light.

It is sudden, it can be shocking, but it brings forward a much-needed breakthough, for it activates that which has been desperately trying to break free within us.

Whereas Mercury links to the everyday processes of the mind  and brings fresh light and dynamism to them, Uranus links to the ‘higher mind’, the part of us which operates outside of the usual physical rules. Thus this is an essence of pure magic, for it works beyond the world of three dimensions and linear time that we understand.

Our normal world is bounded by the speed of light yet this essence is unbounded, and thus with its use, psychic powers sudden open up into new realms – where time and space are no longer the constraints they once were.

Thus precognition and telepathy improve, and all other existing psychic abilities can open up in new ways, or move onto new levels. Through its use, one’s thinking can be adjusted,   pushing the boundaries of what is normal, to encompass more of what is possible in this limitless Universe of ours.