Life in the Palm of Your Hand

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sacred poolHi everyone. I thought I might only pull a card in the way I did last week, but found that I was open to much more! The card this time was Sacred Pool out of the Enchanted Map Oracle, and I was asked by Spirit to take my solar essence ‘Sanctuary’ to go with it. This essence creates a beautiful protective matrix of vivid green light around the heart, and focuses one within it, allowing an opening up to the light of inner wisdom. The Sacred Pool is the symbol of what is receptive within us, and also the symbol of what can can be learnt, absorbed and then allowed to flow.

As I open up to Spirit, holding myself in this sacred place within,¬† I see a beautiful female spirit being floating above the water, glowing within folds of white around her face and within her long robes. She guides me to take the orchid essence ‘Wisdom of Compassion’, so as to connect to her more deeply. Is this Quan Yin, I wonder?

“No,” she smiles. “I am a spirit guide on your periphery. I am not ‘attached’ to you yet I am observant¬† of the healing work you and others in your vicinity do, working with essences and with an intention based on your own compassion for others. To all of you who wish to bring relief to others, yet doubt your ability to do so, and to make a worthwhile difference to the world, I say this:

“No intention goes unheard, and no prayer. You radiate your love and your gentleness with every breath. You walk in beauty and the knowledge of the beauty of all. Yet you do not always see that the greatest healing occurs within yourself. It is your primary task to seek out what is painful within and show it the mirror of your love. You are not less than anyone around you. You deserve no less. When you heal within, you have healed the world. each achievement is a mighty achievement.”

She holds out her palm to me and on it is a little bird, fluttering around, hindered by a broken wing.

“To us in Spirit, working on a level of ‘soul observance’, we see each of you in this way: struggling with the pain of earth existence, hindered by the limits of your knowledge. In truth, this image is also limited, for it is one-dimensional only, and you are beings of multiple dimensions, choosing to incarnate in a place of limited view. You choose to experience the pain of struggle. You choose to explore the nature of heart and love, seen through the lens of pain and sorrow.

“Yet many of you are choosing to transcend the bounds of human limitation by realising that you are also the hands holding the bird; that you are the soul-beyond-limit exploring its nature within many limits, including that of being human.

“We in the realm of Spirit who observe this, who have also experienced this, feel every heartbeat that opens up to greater love as a sunburst above the planet, a capturing of the divine within bounds that know so little of the majesty of the whole.

“And so we honour you. yet we also request that you look within; that you find a moment to honour your own part in earthly life. Within your heart you know of your divine nature, and of the sacred path you walk on earth, and of your mission to bring more awareness, more healing, wherever you go. However, there is so much pain there still, so much that is hindering you, so much that is ‘not-love’. Where is it that you fire your most powerful arrows and suffer the most? We wish you to feel that place and to shower it with warmth and love, to tend yourself as you would a baby bird.

“There is no darkness, no evil in you that does not respond to love. All that is ‘not-love’ becomes love when it is held with gentleness and acceptance. There is no part of you that cannot be transmuted from its current state to perfect love. We speak in reminder of your true nature, for the soul holding your existence flows in perfect love, for it is of Creation, and Creation is perfection in action. The awareness of your true nature brings about a subtle shift in your heart, a shift that can be described as ‘awakening to the possibility of seeing your life anew’.

“Hold me, and these words, and these feelings of love and acceptance within your heart as long as you can. Meditate in their presence and give thanks for the breath and blessings of your existence.”