Unique Guided Readings Direct from your Soul

Working with my spirit guides, I tap into the deep wisdom within you, illuminating your life, your nature and your path ahead. These written readings offer you a portal into your magical inner realms, and allow you to create a new reality for your life.


There are five different portals for me to access this information for you, each a different focus for the reading:

  • NEW PATH READING for those who are looking for the next step in life, maybe feeling stuck or somewhat confused as to where they’re going, or simply curious as to the possibilities. Illumination will be given to show you the way, bringing deep insight on the necessary journey.
  • LIFE CONNECTION READINGfor those who feel that they have lost what they were, or in fact, never really knew – perhaps always feeling that something was missing in their life. It is all about identity, what has been stripped away or suppressed, what can be reformed or regained, what new potentials can emerge.
  • GUIDING LIGHT READINGwhere the client can ask questions of the spirit guides/helpers and light can be shone on particular key areas. It is aimed at integrating what the person has learned in life so far. This will generally be for people who have had readings before (though not necessarily)
  • HIGHER REALMS READING for those who want to connect with their spirit helpers – whether guides, angels or other Beings – in a profound way, for the purpose of understanding their soul mission better, in the context of the various incarnations experienced, not just the current one. Guidance on working with Spirit in a more powerful may also be provided.
  • DEEP HEALING READINGfor those people whose early life experiences and soul challenges relate to issues of health and well-being that have proved hard to understand or deeply resistant to change. This reading will show how this resistance and deep pain can be released.

I can provide either a Reading or a Reading/Essence blend combination, where you also receive a 20ml bottle of your own Personally Tailored Selection of Essences, which will rejuvenate you and support your shift into the next phase of your life. Readings are about 2000 words in length and are emailed as a PDF file, unless a printed and posted copy is specifically requested. When you order a reading (see below), please Contact Me to let me know which type of reading you would like. I can advise you if you are unsure. I will also need your birth details (date, place and time), as I make the initial connection with you via your astrological chart.


Price(GBP): £65.00


COMBINATION:   Written Reading plus Personal Essence Blend

Price(GBP): £90.00


Cost includes posting the reading, if needed. For Combination orders, essence blends to be sent outside the UK incur postage. See   ORDER INFORMATION for more details.