Expanding Psychic Abilities with Essences

helix3There are six key essences in the Guided Essences range which are powerful tools for extending the reach of your perception and expanding your senses generally. They can also give a much richer and deeper experience of any form of meditation, as they all work to move you beyond the effect of limiting thought and the physical world around you.


The essences are detailed below. Each can be obtained individually at a price of £10.50, or the full set of six is £55. To obtain any of the individual essences below please click on them and use ‘Add to Cart’ on their webpage. For the whole set, click on the button below. Orders of three or more essences will come with a Guided Essences presentation box.

Set of Six Psychic Development Essences  (postage for the UK included).

Price(GBP): £11.00


These essences are similar in some ways and vastly different in others, so please contact me if you’d like advice on which one, or ones, would suit you best.


BEYOND THE LIMITS moving beyond the Self to vast receptivity and higher awareness

OPENNESS TO ALL – for opening to the Angelic Realms and becoming a cosmic chalice

GALAXY OF THE GOLDEN SUN – Golden light opens and connects crown with heart for experiencing the glory of the universe and the radiance of one’s life

FASTER THAN LIGHT – breaks through all barriers of mind, works particularly to enhance precognition and telepathy

THE MEETING POINT – for inter-dimensional abilities; increases connectivity and communication between different realms

TEMPLE OF THE HEART – protects and amplifies the heart energy so that the crown may then be safely accessed and much higher realms and states of meditation obtained