Essence Tool Kits

Essences for Reverence, Psychic Development and Rejuvenation



As well as their original groupings, some of the Guided Essences have been matched together to give you tool kits for three different areas of specialised focus. They will help you explore all aspects of the subject in much greater depth and open you up to fascinating new possibilities.

All essence tool kits come in a presentation box containing 30 ml bottles and cost £42 for a set of five and £49 for a set of six.

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REVERENCE TOOL KIT for Deep Contemplation, Inner Harmony and the Joy of the Connection to the Divine

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT TOOL KIT for Connecting to New Realms and Becoming a more powerful Channel for Light and Knowledge

REJUVENATION TOOL KIT for Renewed Vitality, increased Creative Energy and a Powerful New Start in Life