The Inner Nature of Transcendence

The Transcendence essences have a particular beauty, and a particular focus to their energies. Some are great galaxies, many millions of light years from our own; some are stars surrounded by their unique and hauntingly beautiful clouds of ejected gas, known as planetary nebulae. One however, is a particular event that occurred in our solar system in 2005, that the spirit guides directing this essence project felt was a vital addition to this group of extra-terrestrial energies.



When they were created, a dodecahedron geometric shape was revealed as the heart of their structure. The dodecahedron is a solid shape with twelve faces, each of which is a perfect pentagon, a five sided shape.This represents the ideas of heaven, and in particular, transcendence. It is a mystical shape, a temple in its own right for the acceptance of spiritual energies descending from above. Within the concept of Transcendence are the ways we seek identity with our Higher Self.

In the words of the angels:

“The dodecahedron is indeed the ‘gravitational’ centre of these essences. It represents the purity the human heart can aspire to; it represents the highest state it can achieve. It is a symbol of the divinity within. This shape is the idea of heaven within human life, as given by its twelve faces of five sides.

“The essence ‘Temple of the Heart’ is the spiritual centre of these essences, as it provides a blueprint for this life lived on a higher level of heart, AND provides a route through, and up, for exploring issues of soul and spirit within the human being.

“These essences are united in the sense that their energies radiate out from, and spiral in, twelve-fold to the human centre. All deal with issues of the personal truth which comes from the personal heart. Each essence links to a facet of the dodecahedron, an aspect which needs to be resolved, or supported, on the path of this heart evolution. So when using any of these essences, remember the dodecahedron. See it as the colour of rose quartz, a heart crystal, placed within the centre of your chest. Feel its love, purity and perfection radiating out from inside you, and this will allow the Transcendence essences to do their utmost.”