Elixir of Deep Transformation

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The Elixir is something special I offer to those people who are ready to address their deepest issues. The Elixir is not a mix of essences, or indeed an essence of anything in nature, such as the individual essences I have made of earth, sun and cosmos. This Elixir is something I create especially for you, and thus is designed to address your unique needs.

Orb of Healing Light

Orb of Healing Light

Elixir  (postage included for UK delivery)

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When an essence is made, the producer acts as a bridge, or link, between that particular energy in nature – whatever it may be – and the water in which it will be held. Water has the ability to receive and hold onto any energy; it has a ‘sacred space’ within it for this purpose (see The Light within the Water). However, when making an Elixir I link directly to you via a deep connection of the unifying Spirit we all share, and I open up the water to receive a pure set of instructions – think of them as healing directions – which I combine with my own ability to bring about a powerful transformation within people.

When I am working I see this ability as a luminous, spinning, golden orb. But it is no mere image, or intention. This is a healing gift that I have accessed, a gift that is transferred into the water of your Elixir. This works through the water in your body, and through your inner streams of energy, seeking out those deep places where the light of new life is needed.

The transformative power of this Elixir works to unlock the deepest doors within, those which hide years of pain, years of frustration but also that which is wonderful within you that you have yet to recognise. All essences work to bring harmony and healing to one particular aspect of your nature by allowing you to gently shift, to rise up into a more positive and healthy way of acting. However, the Elixir reaches directly into the deepest parts of your human existence to change you in the most fundamental way.

Please contact me after you have ordered this, as I like to make a connection with you before creating your elixir.

The Elixir comes in a 30ml bottle, which at a typical dosage provides 3 months of continuous healing. Please refer to Using Personal Essence Mixes and Welcome for more information on taking essences generally.

Artwork by permission of Daniel B Holeman, whose work I find really inspiring.