Bringing in the Light

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The Search2My main spirit guide, Gideon, comes to me today and asks me to pick a card from the Gaia Oracle. It is a card called The Search, and it connects with feeling lost and confused, when life is dreary and itseems that spring will never come. We can all certainly relate to this at the moment! Gideon says:

We have pulled this card for you today to remind you that the light of your Spirit, the inner, boundless light, is never absent from you. Just as the sunlight – so limited at this time of year – will return, so your own sense of who you are inside can be reacquired.

Try this for an exercise. Visualise the light that is the sun situated above your head, as in this card. Sense its spinning, burning sphere as it radiates out into space. Feel these rays fall on you, touching your crown, reminding you of the physical boundary that is your body. Your crown is the focus of your connection with the cosmos, and defines your ability to sense everything beyond you, but yet more: it describes your awareness of the ‘greater you’, the you that is one with All That Is.

To sit peacefully under the light of this imaginary sun is a form of cultivation; where the bud that is your crown chakra is allowed to unfurl, to blossom that bit more. And, also like a flower, to sense through layers of awakening just who you may possibly be at your core.

As you visualise the perfect flower opening at your crown, let your body relax as much as you are able. Feel the whole extent of it: your limbs, you breathing, your heartbeat, and the full effect of your physical existence. And now realise that every cell of your body is beginning to notice this light above you, and is re-aligning to reap the benefit. For although I say ‘picture the sun’, you can now acknowledge that this is the light of Absolute Creation, just as the sun is the light of your physical creation.

Imagine this glorious light filling the entirety of every cell in your body. And then let your awareness come fully into your body, seeking around until it finds the place of rest. Maybe this is in your head, maybe your heart, or maybe some corner which feels unused to the light. Let your breathing steady and slow even more, as you rest within the light of this awareness. Is it just peace that you experience now, or is there more? Are there any revelations, any insights to be had about yourself or your life, any images, memories or feelings that arise?

In creating this experience, we have planted the kernel within you that is your connection to your absolute nature. Through these images and words there is a conduit. And this is a path to a sense of the luminous nature of your True reality. When you calm yourself down, when your mind stops and you enter the timelessness of the ‘now’, layers begin to peel back, which is again like the opening of the petals of a  flower. There is an acknowledgement that this is the way to the Truth. If you perform this exercise on a regular basis, it will allow your self-understanding, and your awareness of your own life, to flourish.

“Given with the blessings of the world of Spirit and the Cosmos”


The Gaia Oracle is a beautiful pack of cards with an emphasis on mother earth, creation and the tree of life, by Toni Carmine Salerno, Blue Angel Publishing.